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Dhruv and Roopa join hands with SapientDhruv Mehta and Roopa Venkatakrishnan, Sapient Wealth, Mumbai

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R N Gurusimha ARN NO :2672 Bangalore, 25 Feb 2020

All the best Dhruv and Roopa you will succeed wherever you are.

Rajesh Gupta ARN NO :Fairdeal Money Management Jalandhar, 24 Feb 2020

My humble request to Dhruv and Rupa to give guidelines to other IFAs also. How like minded MFD s form a company or LLP and what should be terms and conditions of business. It should take care of clients after our death, take care of our family after death or when we are unable to work.

Vinayak Sapre ARN NO :83150 Mumbai, 24 Feb 2020

*After hours of struggle, finally i was able to watch the full video. The key learnings for me* *(1) How leaders think? They are ready to give up first before expecting anything.* *(2)Despite being BIG in every sense AUM, Seniority, respect they want to evolve further* *(3)Aspirations:Roopa wants to reach out to 1lakh ppl, knowing the fact that she devotes fair amount of time to FIFA* *(4)AGILITY Individuals dont take action but in the team u cant afford to stay complacent* *(5) Last but not the least, VISION, Sometimes your thoughts get validated when leaders speak your mind. Consolidation is the way forward.* *These were my learnings from this interview, you may find something more. Please do share your learnings with me, I would be highly obliged*


Many Congratulations!!!! Eye catching concept which realised the importance of joint hands . Roopamadam, you are unique and truly motivating us , may god gives tremendous success

MOHSIN BIJEPURI ARN NO :33913 Chennai, 24 Feb 2020

Indeed a WOW moment for the industry. Wake up call for all of us.

Cholai Ganesh ARN NO :Pacific valley Financial servi Coimbatore, 24 Feb 2020

Congratulations! Dhruv & Roopa, Always You stand as a example to us. Best wishes for a future ahead.

Sudarshan Mundra ARN NO :4034 Indore, 24 Feb 2020

Congratulations! Dhruv Sir and Roopa Mam

Gautam Rathore ARN NO :9156 udaipur, 24 Feb 2020

congratulation ji

Vijay Kumar Agrawal ARN NO :2912 Indore, 24 Feb 2020

Congratulations! Dhruv Sir and Roopa Mam You took a very bold decision, best wishes for a future ahead.

Dutt Sharma ARN NO :ARN-38131 Mumbai, 24 Feb 2020

Congratulations to Dhruv & Roopa for merging into Sapient Wealth, Mumbai. Best example set by our FIFA leaders to showcase to others, how to surge ahead, synergizing your experience and sensibilities in the Financial Wellbeing of your Clients at large and also resolving their own Legacy Issues, in the interest of multi generation Family Office and wealth preservation. Thanks to Wealthforum, for coining the term Independent Financial Intermidiary .. thoughtful Title to our noble profession.

P SURYA PRAKASH ARN NO :10420 Hyderabad, 24 Feb 2020

Excellent Sir and Madam, wish you all the best. May god bless you

Shiva Prasad Konduru ARN NO :154334 Warangal, 24 Feb 2020

Congratulations, great move

Srini ARN NO :13021 CHENNAI, 24 Feb 2020

Great move both hope to take a leaf out of this.

Rajesh CHHEDA ARN NO :Finance Factory Panjim. Goa. , 24 Feb 2020

Awesome news. Way to go. Our best wishes.

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