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Distribution is going to change forever after this lockdownSwarup Mohanty, Mirae Asset MF, Mumbai

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Thanks Mr. Swarup for praising the distributors who have contributed to your AUM Coffers in a big way - "Top 25 fund houses garner 33% of their debt AUM from distributors"- if this news is to be believed. But why then are your guys from AMCs not recognizing our good work through monetary incentives. You know very well that SEBI (with the collaboration of AMCs) has been delivering back-breaking blows on the Distributors in the form of pruning even those little drops of remuneration trickling down our parched throats, in the Sinai Desert, that too in these very challenging times. And now you/SEBI are further threatening us that our lives will be made more difficult through new guidelines and unless we invest heavily in technology it would be a far cry for us the Distributors to come even with the others. Who is going to pay for all that Gizmos? For a change, if you really respect the contribution of the Distributors you can (forget the role of SEBI) allocate a portion of your Total Expenses to the welfare of your Distributors who have been spending money from their own pocket for keeping your home fires burning. You could even think of allocating a percentage of the perks received by Fund Managers to the welfare of us the Distributors. I am sure my suggestion will be a bitter pill to swallow both by SEBI as well as the AMCs. However, that is the fact of the matter. Please note that if a NFO/fund should shine, its on account of the Distributors and hence you need to take them into confidence and treat them like gentlemen and not rubbish them.

kapil sahni ARN NO :23766 ajmer, 02 Apr 2020

Good Words Swarup Bhai !!!

Asoke Roy ARN NO :50124 Kolkata, 31 Mar 2020

Excellent Input sir

PRABAL BISWAS ARN NO :6336 Kolkata, 31 Mar 2020

Thank you COVID 19 for making my staff redundant. Now they can starve along with their family members.

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