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Raat bhar ka hai mehman andheraNilesh Shah, Kotak MF, Mumbai

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Durgesh Babariya ARN NO :ARN-29261 Vadodara, 03 Apr 2020

Dear Sir, It is very useful and relevant to us like all knowledge hungry MFD, I listened and enjoyed a lot all the video- conversations which has motivated and trained me like anything, Sir I would like to thank you very much that even during this lock down you are making great efforts by sitting at Canada and thinking all the wellness for the MFD and Advisor community hats of Sir, requesting please keep posting such Informative and motivational videos with such great successful personalities, once again thanks a lot sir, with warm regards


We are the distributor as well as Invesors beck to running truck in this part is longer.

Chandan Ghosh ARN NO :102345 SILIGURI , 31 Mar 2020

Hi There are some larger issues in MF Industry which even Wealth Forum is also ignoring , Distributors of B -30 Cities are struggling for processing of offline transaction for individuals who doesn’t have email I’d and phone no updated in the folios, We have literally beg in front of AMC guys to process one application, and investor are loosing confidence on us , there should be some arrangement by AMC and most important by R&T for accepting offline transaction of Individual investors, they cannot sit idle and look there investment erode value when the market is open , I wonder brokerage houses are functioning very well , BSE NSE SEBI are functional why not AMC and R&T , I doubt in coming days AMC and R&T has to face legal cases in coming days . I would request Wealth Forum to bring forward this much larger issues in there coming session and help our distributor fertinity.

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