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Radhika's 3 marketing ideas for all IFIsRadhika Gupta, Edelweiss AMC, Mumbai

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Pradeep K Singh ARN NO :ARN-135705 Kanpur, 01 Jul 2020

Dear VIjay Sir, Thanks for updating me on the term IFI. regards, P.K.S.Sengar.

Vijay Venkatram ARN NO :WealthForum Mumbai, 29 Jun 2020

Dear Pradeepji, IFI (Independent Financial Intermediary) is a term we at WF came up with when SEBI asked distributors to stop usage of the term IFA (Independent Financial Advisor). SEBI does not want MFDs to use the word Advisor to describe themselves and also objects to use of the phrase "Wealth Manager" by MFDs. While there is no circular that explicitly allows usage of the term IFI, I cant imagine why the regulator would object to you calling yourself an independent financial intermediary.

Ash ARN NO :81 New delhi, 29 Jun 2020

The humane touch ! It’s tough surviving as a MFD today , need all the help !

rajesh chheda ARN NO :finance factory panjim, 29 Jun 2020

nice refreshing outlook and ideas

Pradeep K Singh ARN NO :Samriddhi Investment & Consult Kanpur, 29 Jun 2020

I would like to know more on IFI - nomenclature and guidelines/circulars/orders upon the name IFI by SEBI-AMFI.

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