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Solution for 8-9% return with low volatilityAashish Somaiyaa, Motilal Oswal AMC, Mumbai

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Devendra M Shah ARN NO :ARN 21867 Mumbai, 09 Jul 2020

I am interested to attend meetings


Many Asset allocation funds currently existing either started as novel offering or extension of some established model. But over the years many of them did not stay in the Clients portfolio because either they fail to deliver what they intend to or too frequent comparisons with peer group leads to deviating form original mandate. Hope MOSL will stick to the gun as Ashis rightly pointed our that wrong mixes of volatile chemicals can blow up rather contain volatility. Another aspect is that chasing return is something ingrained among investors and distributors alike. But this type of fund does not demand unnecessary activity on the part of Fund Manager.

Ravi sharma ARN NO :142718/ Sharma ravi Ahmedabad, 07 Jul 2020


DHIRAJ MITTAL ARN NO :Prime Capital Services new delhi, 07 Jul 2020

I believe the AMCs should ensure that their exiting funds are keeping pace with their benchmarks, before going in for new launches. Out of your 4 equity funds with a 3 yr track record, 3 are trailing their benchmarks over the last 3 years !

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