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80% of people don't factor inflation into their planningAjit Menon, PGIM India AMC, Mumbai

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Ananda V ARN NO :ARN-4893 Bangalore, 26 Oct 2020

It was an excellant survey and useful informative talk.Thanks

Alagappan ARN NO :3912 Chennai , 21 Oct 2020

I accept ur views that 80 percent of the people don’t take inflation into account but making them invest in the long term for equity investment is the biggest challenge thx to the media where in the so called experts say keep out of market when market is very low and that time our investment is at the low they then decide to exit this is one set of investors who follow the herd The 2 nd set clients are there who always say long term but does now want to see the negative in their mf portfolio and get vexed they curse and move out when it jus turns flat jus capital and go out Then comes the 3 rd set of clients who think they know everything they say can manage themselves in direct equity better than the fund managers pull out money from mf and go invest into a share and loose all the money eventually Then comes the 4 th set of investors who are poached by the fellow distributors/ banks they try give the safest products eventually the returns r not in their hands finally client is dejected and goes out Finally comes the 5 th set of investors who r left out either by no connectivity or loss of their investment data either by non update of KYC or demise of the investors or any other who go through the entire course make the returns by staying invested all through the 25 years in a mf investment These r my personal views kindly forgive if I might hv hurt anyone directly or indirectly

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