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Is A K Narayan's deal the way forward for senior MFDs?A K Narayan, Chennai

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Walter Cyril Pinto ARN NO :ARN-4803 Udupi , 24 Jun 2021

Can I have contact details of Mr A K Narayan I would like to look into this aspects of Switchover to scrip box

Prakash jain ARN NO :ARN-31968 Tinsukia, 20 May 2021

Great thought process ur vision is cleared we must learn lot of things from this interview

Pallav Bagaria ARN NO :Sapient Wealth Guwahati, 18 May 2021

Many congratulations.. what a balanced and steady interview.. what an innings you played sir.. a legend to look upto for many like us...!!

GOWRISHANKAR KASI NAGARAJAN ARN NO :ARN-99443 Bangalore Urban, 18 May 2021

Good to Great Mr. Narayan. You have hit the bulls eye. All those MFDs who have reached age 60 or more (like myself) should seriously think of succession planning. We should make the investors to move to the next level by onboarding them to the Digital mode if they are continuing in the physical mode. The point is whether those MFDs whose bread & butter comes from Commission earned on their AUM would be willing to migrate to the new age - PYGITAL MODE - Thats the million dollar question.

Murli Krishnamurthy ARN NO :ARN-0084 Pune, 18 May 2021

Very interesting interview. This issue is of paramount importance to aging CFPs. Would be of great interest if other options are also discussed.

Guru SIMHA ARN NO :Guru SIMHA Bangalore , 17 May 2021

Sir congratulations very good interview all the best for your initiative

Ashish chadha ARN NO :81 New delhi, 17 May 2021

A very sensibly played steady innings . Everybody wins . Good luck sir . Change is always changing , constantly !

Srinivasan V ARN NO :ARN-0668 chennai, 17 May 2021

Nice to see your Master Mind article.

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