Unlearn, Learn and Re-learnAshish Modani, SLA Financial Solutions, Jaipur

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Himanshu Maheshwari ARN NO :77725 Ghaziabad, 13 Jan 2022

True visionary.

Venkateswaran M ARN NO :184136 Chennai, 12 Jan 2022

Its always wonderful to listen to Ashish. He has been a pioneer in this space. There are various takeaways but which caught my attention was that the humble admission that 250 people have left his organization. I can imagine the pain of recruiting, training and losing people. It involves tremendous hardwork and commitment from his end. Well done, Ashish. Persistence and perseverance pays. Wish you scale greater heights!

Sushil Agarwal ARN NO :ARN-11312 Rajkot, 11 Jan 2022

Thanks Vijay Ji... This interview helps me a lot... I always eager to hear Ashish Ji... He is clear about the managing behavior.. If I can implement 10% of Ashish jis model, I will be super hero... Thanks again

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