Great lessons from Eastern India's champion MFDPradeep Kumar Jain, PMPK Wealth, Ranchi

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Leena ARN NO :11114 Ahmedabad, 23 Jan 2022

Wealth forum is excellent

Lalit Somani ARN NO :2334 Hyderabad, 21 Jan 2022

Excellent weaving of journey from the heart and experience is clearly visible. All 4 inflection point are facts..Pkji promised me also that he will visit hyderabad and i looking forward for same. Very nice and encourageing thoughts and vision. All the best and Bhagwan ki kripa sabpe bani rahe yehi विन्नंति। Vinnanti.

GOWRISHANKAR KASI NAGARAJAN ARN NO :99443 Bangalore Urban, 21 Jan 2022

Excellent Sir. When our PM Narendra Modi can speak in Hindi at the United Nations, why cant you speak in Hindi in Bihar. I have learnt much much more in this half hour than what I would have learnt in a 3 year stint @ Wharton Business School. Hamara desh mein Angrezi leke kya karein bhai? Your knowledge of Customer sentiment is just amazing. And primarily, your belief that there is a Power........Super Power........ behind all our Success .........literally shows on your face. God Bless You sir. Truly inspirational. Pranams!!!!!!!!

Asoke Roy ARN NO :roys Finance Kolkata, 20 Jan 2022

Valuable Learning. Great Pradeep ji.

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