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Jio moment for MF industry has arrivedRadhika Gupta, Edelweiss MF, Mumbai

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GOWRISHANKAR KASI NAGARAJAN ARN NO :99443 Bangalore Urban, 09 Jan 2022

Debt disruptors. No wonder the bankers are spending sleepless nights over the run on their FD base. I have listened to my clients where they wanted their FD deposits back on maturity and the bankers - including Post Offices - were not interested in refunding the amount. It is also a concern for Banks to retain the existing depositors (mainly Savings Bank deposits) from diverting their savings through ECS to MFs. The banks are now crying hoarse and are REJECTING ECS mandate registrations at the drop of a hat. They try every trick to ward off the customer from signing NACH Mandates in favour of MFs. Jai ho - PSU BANKS - Jai Ho!!!!!!!!

CHHEDA Rajesh ARN NO :Finance Factory PANJIM, 05 Jan 2022

Target the target debt funds - that’s the target to target new clients!

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