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Patel family shares brilliant insights on succession planningNitin, Anjali and Anishi Patel, Finfreedom33, Ahmedabad

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Pradeep Agarwal ARN NO :Arn-126193/grownivesh financia Ajmer, 12 Feb 2022

Please share what you feel necessary and important to know for mfd to grow their business

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 05 Feb 2022

Amazing family. Great learnings.

Anil ARN NO :Mieux Ahmedabad, 04 Feb 2022


Jamuna ARN NO :INV Bangalore, 04 Feb 2022

Super happy watching Patel familys discussion. Keep rocking girls😍😍

Promila Bhardwaj ARN NO :19335 New Delhi, 04 Feb 2022

it was an absolute delight to watch this video. there is so much to learn and copy. i need to start working on these lines. thank you for sharing your story, Patel family. best wishes for your future growth.

Deepak Krishnan ARN NO :110217 Ahmedabad, 04 Feb 2022

So many years of Wisdom drilled in half an hour.its always a pleasure to hear and learn from Nitinbhai and very heartwarming to see both children now taking business to the next level. Inspiring for many of us. Thanks Vijay and Nitinbhai

Pallav Bagaria ARN NO :Sapient wealth Guwahati, 03 Feb 2022


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