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The industry's most MFD focused AMCAnthony Heredia, Mahindra Manulife MF, Mumbai

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ATUL YEWLE ARN NO :100267 Bhusawal, 21 Apr 2022


Nitin ARN NO :MFD Mumbai, 20 Apr 2022

Whenever an AMC starts it speaks about MFD community because as new entrant AMC needs business and direct investor do not trust hence AMC looks for MFDs and when it acquire sizable business MFDs is the one AMC starts disliking... Painful but truth

Anthony ARN NO :Mahindra Manulife Mumbai City, 19 Apr 2022

Thank you Prateek, Rajesh and Dhiraj for your kind words

Prateek ARN NO :Inv Mumbai, 18 Apr 2022

Wow the ceo has just joined and they have become the most MFD focused AMC, kudos !

CHHEDA Rajesh ARN NO :Finance Factory Panjim Goa, 18 Apr 2022

Good insights

DHIRAJ MITTAL ARN NO :Prime Capital new delhi, 18 Apr 2022

Thats true. Congrats and best wishes to Anthony and his team !

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