Agra based MFD scales 1100cr AuM in just 3 years.Shalab Gupta, Bibhab Capital, Agra

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Anandaraman CFP ARN NO :17825 Chennai, 07 Dec 2022

Thanks Mr. Shalab Gupta Bibhab, Vijay sir Wealth Forum. Wonderful insights for MFDS like us for transforming the business to next level. Conviction to our business is the core. And one more thing never stop learning

Aditi Sharma ARN NO :INV AGRA, 29 Nov 2022

Everybody like to see their money growing with less efforts and risk. It is very difficult to take such decisions from our own and here comes best certified financial planner & advisor in Agra, who will help you with their expert financial solutions and services. Thank you for your financial decisions & making my money grow in a systematic way.

Paritosh Pathak ARN NO :INV AGRA, 26 Nov 2022

Knowing a quite a few financial planners, Shalab is most the most trusted one. He is someone who is truly invested in the what he does, both for himself and for his clients. I have seen (many a times) Shalab giving advise to people without the expectations of the person coming to him. His knowledge and his commitment are of the highest standards. He is an absolute gem both as an advisor and as a human being

Veer Sagar ARN NO :INV Bharatpur, 26 Nov 2022

Shalab of Bibhab Capital got involved in my investment portfolio and after some meticulous work got the investment in some order. He analysed my current portfolio spread in terms of types of investment and then based on my age and risk profile created a desired portfolio in terms of types of investment. For the first time a got a process and not a transaction recommendation. The sector segment wise analysis with the % and end returns showed up how bad my investment portfolio was. Shalab and his team then created a desired portfolio % and a plan of action for getting there. I have no hesitation in recommending Shalab and his Bibhab Capital as a good and reliable personal financial advisor.


most important trait is that he comes across as someone who empathizes with the need of the client rather than just "selling" a product. I have had more than handful occasions where i would cross-check an offering that other Financial Advisors would bring in, with him, because i would trust his yardstick to be most aligned with mine. I wish him and his company The Financial Mall, all the best.

Ashwani Kumar ARN NO :INV Bharatpur, 26 Nov 2022

As my Financial Advisor for several years, I have seen Shalab grows from a humble beginning to a mature professional organisation offering integrated financial services. Over the period, he has build comprehensive financial plan for me taking holistic view of all aspects of my life, risk appetite and target milestones. I have trusted him with all details of my finance and he plays a significant role in all my investment decisions. He and his team provide excellent prompt and personalised service. I would strongly recommend him for reliable, well-informed & result-oriented financial Management & counseling I wish him Good luck and best of efforts in all his endeavors.

Pankaj Sood ARN NO :INV AGRA, 26 Nov 2022

I get to know about them through my friend for tax saving investment. Later they guide me how to do monthly investment and how can I save for future. Their team is very professional, they manage every portfolio very carefully and make changes whenever require. I highly recommend them for financial planning.

Abhijeet Roy ARN NO :Inv Firozabad, 25 Nov 2022

I have been using services from Bibhab Capital now for over three years. Shalab Gupta Bibhab, the CFP behind the organization has vast knowledge on the matter, and over the years, has setup the right tools and processes in place for giving great service to clients. I get very good service from each and every member of the team, including the guy who comes to collect payments from our office.

Gurpreet Singh Bhatia ARN NO :Inv Amritsar, 25 Nov 2022

I first contacted Bibhab Capital for a last minute tax saving investment four years back and since then I & my spouse have been using their services for investments as well as financial planning. Their team is very professional & responsive providing good customer experience till date. In addition to this, i like their mobile app that makes tracking our investments very convenient. I highly recommend them for financial planning & a hassle free investment journey.

Sunil Sharma ARN NO :Inv Firozabad , 25 Nov 2022

Bibhab Capital, led by the most knowledgeable and geniune, Shalab Gupta Bibhab, is the most reliable personal and family finance consultants Ive come across. Their team is dedicated and proactive in helping customers. Ive seen Shalab placing the . clients interests above his own.

Mridulla Sood ARN NO :Inv Gwalior, 25 Nov 2022

Bibhab Capital gives excellent customer service. They are very prompt and accurate. I have been dealing with them since last 4 years and have absolutely all praises for them. Highly recommended

Harshvardhan Singh ARN NO :Inv Delhi, 25 Nov 2022

I have been investing with Bibhab Capital since a year now and they are extremely good, professional and seamless with their services. Most importantly they give a personal touch to the professional relationship and advise you on their own on what to be done and what not. Thank you guys, Appreciate your work and efforts

Investor ARN NO :Inv Indore, 25 Nov 2022

I have been taking services of Bibhab Capita for more than 4 years now. Truly professional in all kinds of financial investment with team of experts offering you the best scheme to suit your budget and see your money grow with optimum safety

An Aspiring Advisor ARN NO :Aspiring Agra, 21 Nov 2022

Very inspiring. One thing which struck me - to be considered as a competent, I need to drive in flashy cars. People on cycles and scooters are dumb. Arrogance at its best.

Naresh Chandra Jaiswal ARN NO :2899 Gorakhpur, 05 Jul 2022

Very nice achievement

K Kannan ARN NO :23661 Pondicherry, 21 May 2022

Shalab is a Inspiring personality for me. I have taken some of ideas from his speech. Thank you Venkat and Shalab.

Sushil ARN NO :Vimarsh Capital Mysore, 16 May 2022

This is an interesting topic which is being discussed here may or may not interest many Commission focused MFDs. Yes, it is important that we earn well to keep our family, ourselves and our team happy but thats not Be All, End All game. Very practical, i came from AMC background and become MFD if you ask most of the RM have ARN code with there cousins name .... Some time its very scary to give business i faced thus issue next movment clieny gets call from another MFD or bank AMC heads closed there eyes i might be thinking why arr they not taking action then realised they might be also part of this 😀😀😀😀 Also lots of BANK RMs route majority of their business through MFDs just to earn extra CASH beyond their Salaries, which was happening because of such high B30 Commissions Very nicely expressed Shalab, I agree with you to a great extent

Akash Chaturvedi ARN NO :Woodpecker Wealth Mumbai, 16 May 2022

The distribution industry is dying a slow death because of lack of tools to meaningfully engage with a client. Without open architecture platforms to complete simple client servicing requirements, evolved portfolio reporting tools and technology to enable advisors to better manage client behavior we are staring at a very bleak future. For the first time the industry has a digital platform for clients to self-service some of their documentation requirements through MF central. Sadly, the industry has locked the advisors out of this platform as well! Some points mentioned in your interview highlighted these points, I am truly impressed as a metro MFD, I joined hands with NJ and never realised the growth potential on its own Thanks from the bottom of my heart so motivating to here you

NITIN NATH SHARMA ARN NO :193497 AGRA, 16 May 2022

Great Interview Shalab ji but some words is not acceptable. Very senior persons working and create wealth of his investors from last 30 years in Agra Mutual Fund Industry. Please watch my reply on my YouTube channel if you have time. Regards

Shivani Agarwal ARN NO :Wealth Creators Orissa, 16 May 2022

Theproblem lies in the distribution industry. Many people involved in this business have for too long survived without adding “real value” to their clients. Or maybe, after the initial 75-100 clients the lethargy sets in. This is the reason why 97% - 98% of the advisors / distributors never grow larger. Lack of tools makes even managing 100 clients difficult and therefore we see stagnation. This cumulatively ensures lack of advice to new investors, bad investing experience for people who start investing without any advisory structure and the reason why the advisor to investor ratio is so low in the country. At a macro level this is the reason why the number of investors has seen such a slow growth over the last 40 years. Completely agree with Shalab that without transparency and awareness it is hard to grow after a point - Truly inspirational to see this again and again for an advisor like me

Namraj Joshi ARN NO :INV Delhi, 16 May 2022

We have now even managed to convert a SIP from a fantastic investing solution to a sales driver. Diwali SIP drive, morning SIP drive, evening SIP drive, per application payout are just a few examples). Once again, driving bad behavior instead of client centricity! Completely agree with Shalab here RENTAL income makes you complacent same is with SIP in our industry - Few amazing points highlighted

Mayank Dutta ARN NO :Inv Delhi, 16 May 2022

Normally a bank RM churns the portfolio in a limited span of time, I live in Delhi but my Aadhaar address has my hometown address, now I actually understand why my banker never wanted me to change the address - Thanks for this inspirational stuff - Great going

Deepti Talreja ARN NO :Investment Consultants Kanpur , 16 May 2022

As an investor never knew something with regards to T 30 and B 30 commission practices such a huge difference between Mumbai and Agra that too in the scheme, truly enlighten to learn about the same Thanks Vijay

Nikhil Kh….. ARN NO :0000 Agra, 16 May 2022

PNC should wake up and take it’s AUM back. This guy is shouting and saying shit about the community on PNCs AUM only. He should stand in front of mirror and judge his capabilities.

Shalab Gupta Bibhab ARN NO :173625 Agra, 16 May 2022

Hello growth aspirants , as we all learn and acknowledge at some point in life that success isn’t an outcome of any shortcuts or despicable tactics but the reward of perseverance, immaculate study of the subject and believing in one’s goals. One can be intrigued by the success of other but not question the dignity. I believe in keeping the purity of the trade in check as then the clients and the credibility of a brand is never questionable. I hope the post helps many to achieve what they aspire to.

Vinay ARN NO :Inv Agra, 16 May 2022

Earlier pnc investment through direct route in mutual fund,now whit shalabh.because of passback

Jk ARN NO :Arn-0000 Agra, 16 May 2022

Sebi and amfi r sleaping ,openenly passback game by shalab and pnc infratech

Shubhchintak Swami ARN NO :INV Agra, 14 May 2022

It is just like a movie, actual is just different from what is shown. Shalabh rather than taking an idea from CEO & Sales Head about where to invest, it is better to open laptop and study and then recommend clients about where to invest. It is better to focus on ethical work. Be practical rather than theoretical. 100% immature person. Ask agra people about the reality.

Amit ARN NO :INV Delhi, 14 May 2022

Did you checked his background before posting this? What kind of stuff is he saying, it’s a shame that he is undermining all this hard working advisor because of them this industry has grown. Who is he to speak like this? Such a bigotry is this

rajesh ARN NO :arn-4400 agra, 14 May 2022

wrong practice ,not sustain so long,very soon scam will burst in agra

sandeep ARN NO :arn-11174 agra, 13 May 2022

passback karke koi bhi 1100 cr ka aum kar sakta hai,pnc infratech kai business kai bare mai sabko pata hai,1000 cr out of 1100 cr

GAURAV SAXENA ARN NO :1390 AGRA, 04 May 2022


GAURAV SAXENA ARN NO :1390 AGRA, 04 May 2022


saurabh gupta ARN NO :Shri kishan & co. AGRA, 04 May 2022

Proud moment for agra

Pradipkumar medda ARN NO :128216 Kalyani, 03 May 2022

Excellent achivement, Remarkable...

abha gupta ARN NO :33249/money matters Haldwani, 03 May 2022

wow!!! great achievement.

Rakesh Gupta ARN NO :134928 Ghaziabad, 03 May 2022

I want know about AUM development.

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