This MFD serves 50,000 clients in Mumbai without ever meeting themAnup Bhaiya, Money Honey Financial Services, Mumbai

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Brijesh Upadhyaya ARN NO :INV Mumbai , 11 Feb 2023

I know Anup from more than 2 decades most humble,dedicated and disciplined person I came across.Congrats Anup for your achievement.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 07 Feb 2023

Truly an incredible model. This is a profession which can open a zillion opportunities. We are indeed blessed.


SIR, HE IS A ONE SHANA PERSON. HE DOESNT WANT TO SHARE ANYTHING. JUST GIVING GOL MOL ANSWERS. SEE THOUGH HE HAS DONE LOTS OF BUSINESS BUT HE HASNT GOT A HELPING NATURE. Doing lots of business is not great but to how many people you have made financial freedom. so such people are not inspirations to us. i am sorry but this guy is simply ruthless and exploiting peoples money.

S Mahadevan ARN NO :107505 Mumbai, 07 Feb 2023

I know Anup since the time he was working in a corporate. One of the most humble persons i have met. I am so happy and proud that he has built a business of this scale.

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