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My model client - a real life case studySujata Kabraji, Scripbox, Mumbai

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Sunil s Bhagat ARN NO :9646 Pondicherry, 06 Jun 2023

Very interesting hear. The fact that she was able to ask her to re negotiate her salary with her employers was an out of the box point for most advisors. Really fantastic narration

DEBRAJ SENGUPTA ARN NO :38509 kolkata, 03 Jun 2023

This is very inspiring real-life experience indeed. In todays world when there is information overdose anywhere and everywhere and many of our peers (although not from Finance profession) act as self-styled investment guru, keeping undaunted faith in your Advisor and work with your Advisor for a better tomorrow is really commendable. Wish many mass-affluent clients also let go their inhibitions and act as per their financial Advisor.

Bhadresh H Parekh ARN NO :33433 Mumbai, 03 Jun 2023

I have learn to be listening to the customer and help to go all out for the Goal customer agrees to.

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