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Become an asset allocation champion at Rs.850 per monthAshish Ingle, Mulyankan Gurukul, Bhilai

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Ashish Ingle and his team at Mulyankan Gurukul (Email: mulyankan.gurukul@outlook.com, Mobile: 9893695333) have launched an algo based dynamic asset allocation solution for MFDs, RIAs and wealth managers, to equip them to offer tailored, data-based asset allocation guidance to their clients.

The algo crunches a wide range of valuation and business cycle metrics to come up with 3 level scores that guides asset allocation across equity, debt and gold and also drills down to segments within equity(large/mid/small cap) and debt (long and short term).

Six different asset allocations are recommended for 6different risk profiles and needs. You can either opt to embrace these 6 in your practice or play around with the crunched numbers, select / de-select parameters and build your own scores for valuation and business metrics which will then help you create your own bespoke asset allocation templates.

The algo also gives sector calls when margin of safety for a sector is exceptionally high. Asset allocation calls also cover overseas markets when signals are very strong.

The solution is cloud based and data is updated weekly. It is delivered to users on an Excel based platform, keeping in mind MFDs familiarity with Excel.

Annual subscription costs Rs.10,000 – or about Rs.850 per month.

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Comments Posted
Salil Kothari ARN NO :188914 Mumbai, 22 Aug 2023

Looking forward to exploring its potential.

K G MANJUNATHA ARN NO :3335 Bangalore, 22 Aug 2023

Solution seems like a valuable tool to enhance portfolio strategies.

Sagar Badge ARN NO :262286 Nagpur , 21 Aug 2023

Great need based solution for all of us.

Sanjeev Mundra ARN NO :90155 Kolkata, 21 Aug 2023

This solution aligns perfectly with our need. Kudos to Ashish Ingle & Team.

Apurva Joshi ARN NO :113578 Pune, 21 Aug 2023

At just Rs.850 per month, this solution is a steal considering the analytics and guidance it provides. Highly commendable initiative !!

Pankaj Sidana ARN NO :168636 Saharanpur, 21 Aug 2023

What sets this solution apart is the focus on both data-driven insights and advisor customization.

Durgesh Vadher ARN NO :1035 Raipur, 21 Aug 2023

Im thoroughly impressed with the comprehensive approach of this solution. The incorporation of valuation and business cycle metrics, along with the flexibility to tailor asset allocation, is a step in the right direction.

Rahul sethia ARN NO :47351 Korba, 21 Aug 2023

This algo-based asset allocation solution by Mulyankan Gurukul seems like a game-changer for our industry.

Milind Khasnis ARN NO :32652 Nagpur, 21 Aug 2023

Great Algo Ashish. Surely it can help us

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 20 Aug 2023

Sounds like an interesting proposition. Subscription model which may need an aggressive push.

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