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First-of-its-kind fund from unique asset managerAnunaya Kumar, 360 One Asset Management, Mumbai

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360 One Asset Management (erstwhile IIFL AM) has built up an AuM of over Rs.58,000 crs spanning listed equities, private equity, private credit, real estate and offshore funds. It’s AIFs, PMS and mutual fund products cater to the entire risk-return spectrum of needs for HNIs and is now selectively expanding its mutual fund range with differentiated products that cater to the needs of mass affluent investors as well.

The fund house has built a healthy track record of delivering alpha in its long-only equity products – in the MF as well as PMS spaces.

Stocks are categorized into 4 buckets based on RoE and PAT growth. Portfolios will remain overweight secular stories (quality compounders –high on both counts) and underweight value traps (low on both counts) and will move nimbly between cyclicals (high PAT growth during cycle and low RoE) and defensives (low PAT growth, high RoE) based on market cycles.

Its MF suite is very compact and includes a focused fund, a quant fund, a passive ELSS fund and now a first-of-its-kind balanced hybrid fund.

The fund house’s new Balanced Hybrid Fund – the first fund in the industry in this category - will be 40-50% invested in equity and 50-60%invested in debt, the actual allocation being driven by a back-tested P/B formula.

With indexation benefits available for investments above 3yrs, actual tax incidence is quite comparable with equity funds – but you get100% of your money put to the best use in each asset class, rather than having large amounts allocated to low yielding arbitrage only to get the equity tax benefit.

Anunaya candidly addresses two key MFD questions: (1) will my clients be well ringfenced from the Group’s wealth business, and (2) what can I expect from 360 One Asset in terms of products, engagement and business development support.

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Comments Posted
Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 05 Sep 2023

A fund House only with unique offerings. Very welcome. Also welcome is the Balanced Hybrid Fund with indexation benefit in taxation. That makes it very attractive. This will be a clean fit in particular Asset allocation portfolios which are conservatively aggressive.

Ramesh B ARN NO :11864 Vadodara, 04 Sep 2023

Can only P/B formula make it a success , where PE ignored and it may not be a long list of investing universe.

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