FREE Fitbit for your business growth

imgbd Fitbit is an amazingly successful global idea - you wear your personal fitness tracker like a watch around your wrist, and it keeps a tab on how you are progressing every single day in accomplishing your fitness goals. By simply adopting a personal FitBit tracker, millions of people around the world are becoming fitter and healthier.

Brijesh Dalmia has come up with a simple yet highly effective tool which can serve every IFA as a wonderful Fitbit for business growth. The tracker awards you points for every growth-oriented task that you accomplish every working day, and enables you to measure your productivity each day against a target of 25 points per day. Brijesh's assertion is that if every IFA collects 25 points every working day, there is simply no way you will not accelerate your business growth and realize your true potential.

Brijesh shares with us the genesis of this neat idea and also gives a downloadable link for you to use this excel based tracker. WF lauds this excellent initiative and has a suggestion for Brijesh: develop an app for this tracker and consider branding it - maybe something like BizFit.

imgbd In the last few years I travelled to over 125 locations in India, did hundreds of business development programs and met thousands of IFA. I got to know their working style and time management. I noticed, many of them worked hard and worked long hours but were still struggling to build good AUM. When I enquired and looked deeper into it, I found they were engaging themselves in many petty works and were not disciplined into key areas of this business. They were spending a lot of time in unproductive activities. End of the day, they could not get optimum results.

Considering this, I developed an IFA Productivity Tracker where I identified few activities which fuels growth into an IFAs business. The key is to engage in productive activities like; client meetings, client reviews, client connects, etc. The excel sheet automatically calculates the points on the basis of activity entered. The target is to generate 25 points every working day.

I strongly believe if an IFA follows this productivity tracker, his/her efficiency and AUM will increase significantly.

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To download BizFit - Brijesh's IFA Productivity Tracker, click here

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