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I will never fire my advisor for poor returns

Alifiya Calcuttawalla, The Wanderers, Kolkata

Alifiya Calcuttawalla's investment journey started with guidance from her father and brother initially, until she took control of her finances independently, with the help of an able financial advisor (Kunal Jain, Samriddhi, Kolkata). She has aggressive expectations from her investments (18-20%), but is clear about the distinction between what she expects from her investments and from her advisor. She would never fire her advisor for poor returns, but is very clear what circumstances will make her take that step. Check out her thoughts on investments, on advisors and her words of advice for fellow investors, especially those who are just starting their investment journeys.

The video above is an edited version from Samriddhi's Money Ki Baat - Episode 3. To see the full video, video, click here.

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