India’s 5 Wisest Advisors of 2018

The 3rd edition of the Wise Advice Case Competition drew the best quality responses yet – with as many as 45 entries making it to the jury round for independent evaluation of case solutions. The corresponding numbers for 2016 and 2017 were 20 and 35 respectively.

Our eminent jury:


Bharat Phatak

Wealth Managers, Pune


Mukesh Dedhia

Ghalla Bhansali, Mumbai


Col Sanjeev Govila

HFI Wealth, Delhi

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Here is the list of advisors whose solutions made it to the jury round (in alphabetical order).


Reviewing 45 high quality responses, complete with tables and annexures to support well crafted recommendations, was indeed a painstaking effort for our jury. We are indeed grateful for their incredible effort.

Based on the jury’s scores, we arrived at the top 5 and top 25 lists of India’s wisest advisors of 2018. The top 5 will be given awards at the special awards event during the forthcoming 9th annual Wealth Forum Platinum Circle Advisors Conference, on 30th August 2018.

Here is the list from ranks 6 to 25, with aggregate scores for their responses. Congratulations to each one of these advisors – it has indeed been a close race, as can be seen from the scrores.


The 5 wisest advisors in India for 2018 – IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER


The wait to find out who is INDIA’S WISEST ADVISOR FOR 2018 from out of these 5 is almost over. All we can say at this stage is that positions 2-5 were closely fought (score range: 74.7 to 78). But the winner was head and shoulders above the rest, with a score of 86.

Our heartiest congratulations to all the 5 award winners whose solutions have been ranked the best five by the jury from a very competitive pool.

Here are the solutions of our 5 wisest advisors – do read the case (CLICK HERE) and these 5 excellent solutions to get practical insights on how to strengthen your advisory skills and match up to the best in the country.


Gaurav Jain / FP Desk

i-thought, Chennai

Gaurav's solution


Khusboo Agrawal

International Money Matters, Mumbai

Khusboo's solution


Nandita Jaiswal

Mitraz Financial, Bangalore

Nandita's solution


Neeti Sethi

Acumoney, Bangalore

Neeti's solution

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