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Distributors should focus on smart savings solutionsD P Singh, SBI MF, Mumbai

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Vikas Gupta ARN NO :25367 Rohtak, 26 May 2022

Sir, You are right that we should focus on Smart savings for our investors but I have a complaint for your AMC. I have submitted an additional purchase request in SBI MF with a cheque of SBI of investor under my ARN. When the cheque was presented in SBI, Medical College, Rohtak for Funds Transfer, the bank entered the cheque & Folio into your in house software under its ARN. The same cheque was cleared but with CHANGED ARN. You are requested to look into the facts & take some strict actions irrespective of Associate Bank.

Ramesh Jindal ARN NO :ARN-124827 Faridabad, 19 Apr 2020

A realistic approach is narrated, one should learn from the interpretation

SRINIVASAN V ARN NO :ARN-0668 chennai, 17 Apr 2020

just 2 days back i have invested in SBI Nifty indes fund plan growth your opinion please. or i should invest in Money market. pl clarify

abha gupta ARN NO :33249 haldwani, 17 Apr 2020

very informative


Good learning

Meena Somaiya ARN NO :17135 Mumbai, 17 Apr 2020

To learn at every moment

Rajendra Gandhi ARN NO :63445 Yavatmal, 17 Apr 2020

Send me regularly as are very informative.

Alok sah ARN NO :ARN 4533 Allahabad, 17 Apr 2020

We need to develop effective investment strategy for DEBT funds also. With multiple categories available , we need to suggest the right debt portfolio for our clients. Kindly suggest.

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