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Exit all credit risk funds now?Amit Bivalkar, Kavitha Jayaram, Shiney Sebastian,

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Really great session & proud moment to heard 4 of you after a very long time...... Will sure come out from such a situation in the market positively ......

Vinayak Sapre ARN NO :83150 Mumbai, 27 Apr 2020

Very valid points by Amit and Shiney. Her thoughts on communication is absolutely brilliant.

Rajarao ARN NO :Kautilya Jalundhar, 27 Apr 2020

What a great archestartion! Simply the tone is that its all responsibility(headache ) of the Advisor! Poor fellow. Clearly the preventive action for the advisor is to simply stay away from the entire category of debt. Its impossible to monitor the misdeeds of these highly calibered investment managers. At end of it, the advisor has to bear the brunt as he/she is the front end of the chain. Also , loss of reputation for the industry itself will naturally result in loss for the advisor as some loss of AUM will invariably occur in Equity also.

DEBRAJ SENGUPTA ARN NO :ARN-38509 Kolkata, 26 Apr 2020

We understand that all these Credit Risk funds were earlier Corporate Bond funds about 2 to 3 years back and as spread were quite attractive vis-a-vis GSec and these funds were earning handsome returns. But FT also did have in Low Duration and Ultra Short Fund having high proportion of Lower credit rating papers which should not have been done. A tad lower return wouldnt have dented the fortunes of the Fund house in question.

K s nagabhushan ARN NO :3075 Avin Fin Services Bangalore, 26 Apr 2020

It is advisable to redeem other than AAAM

B B SONI ARN NO :ARN 24816 VADODARA, 25 Apr 2020

ALL AMC should unite and find solution immediately, or else no AMC will be unaffected . Because if Franklin steps of winding up results in investors interest, all other AMC will suffer a lot.

Srikala Bhashyam ARN NO :62301 Bengaluru, 25 Apr 2020

I completely agree.. the headline is catchy but pls remember that headline is what many readers go by

Charudutt Deshpande ARN NO :Kevian Associates Aurangabad, 25 Apr 2020

Agreeing in toto with my friend Ketan here. Look forward to due cognizance.

Ketan Nanivadekar ARN NO :72287 Aurangabad, 25 Apr 2020

A very dangerous topic name by a esteemed Wealth Forum. Its like news sensationalism...nobody reads the question mark... The new IFAs will just read the topic name and start exiting Credit Risk Funds...which will be run on Money... Just wat shud not happen now. Request Sr Members view and ask WF take corrective action NOW

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