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Future of the IFI business modelWF Ideation Hub - day 1 session 3,

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infcwk ARN NO :o0jqyk 5dxzei, 11 Jul 2023


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Rishabh Adukia ARN NO :NINECUBE mumbai, 28 Nov 2020

I am willing to collaborate with some of other senior IFI who have been in this business and do not have a successive generation interested into this line of business. or even looking to sell out their business. interested members can mail me on theninecube@gmail.com

NIKHIL G. SHAH ARN NO :55212 NIKHIL G.Shah DEESA, 05 Aug 2020

Roopa mam speak very well.....Absolute not redeem any single Liquied fund folio this is the strainth of our IFA and Distributors comunity.

Javahar ARN NO :Enhancemoney BHOPAL, 04 Aug 2020

Well said Mr Brijesh

T devendra ARN NO :Sadbhavana Hyderabad, 03 Aug 2020

Too much interference of regulator, ifd isnt getting the required support in terms of brokerage, and fund managers inability to meet clients minimum capital protection returns,peoples pulse is turning to direct stocks,

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