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Brand new way to rank fund performanceSunil Jhaveri, Mister Bond, Gurgaon

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GOWRISHANKAR KASI NAGARAJAN ARN NO :ARN-99443 Bangalore Urban, 06 May 2021

I am Mr Bond.........James Bond. You are truly the Roger Moore of the MF industry. We need a 1000 Bonds to show the AMCs their place. They just keep bragging and bragging about their products which dont perform. You are the person who really disects the product and gives us MFDs a fair and unbiased opinion. With your above new Ranking Software (which will definitely be a game-changer) Fund Managers must surely be having butterflies in their stomach. Just superb Mr. Bond. Thanks for the insights.

Parag Shah ARN NO :INV GURGAON, 01 Apr 2021

Awesome Sunil (emerging submerging👌👌)...You are a true champion for the retail investors, committed to Keeping It (wealth creation) Super Simple (KISS)😆. ....If you want to IMPRESS someone make it complicated (99% of financial advisors) , If you want to HELP someone make it simple (Sunilbhai Jhaveri)..

DB DESAI ARN NO :0234 kudal, 31 Mar 2021

How can I get a manuscript/text of these interviews, conversations for reading rather than listening the video. I feel its convenient to have both the options which can be used as per time and location, situational conveniences.

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