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Use this product to win new HNIs, says 3000cr AuM champion MFDAshish Shah, Wealth First, Ahmedabad

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Siddharth ARN NO :INV Ahmedabad , 01 Feb 2022

Will share

Bhavin Patel ARN NO :176351 Ahmedabad, 24 Jan 2022

Not agree with many of things he spoken. Any debt mutual funds, one can access the volatility. And to judge Interest Rates movements is never tough job. Corporate Bonds are Best choices or Banking and PSU for that matter.

Abhishek ARN NO :95592 Hyderabad, 20 Jan 2022


Rishabh Adukia ARN NO :NINECUBE MUMBAI, 19 Jan 2022

these scheme being discussed is a bharat bond ETF? do the state govt bonds dont get defaulted , any incidences in the past? also if these are psu issuances, if these psu get privatised tomorrow what about these risks

GOWRISHANKAR KASI NAGARAJAN ARN NO :99443 Bangalore Urban, 19 Jan 2022

Hi Vijay, I couldnt understand head and tail of what he was saying. Perhaps his accent was difficult to catch up with. In fact, I was just waiting for you to summarize the conversation but he cut you short. Could you please do that for us?

Murali Ramanujam ARN NO :ARN -159531 New Perungalathur, Chennai, 18 Jan 2022

Im interested in building up Good volume of HNI clients and contribute to their wealthy future as well as to our Nations GDP GROWTH. as well.

Amit Patel ARN NO :35216 Mehsana, 18 Jan 2022

Ashishbhai a.k.a. King of Bond always speaks from the heart and client-first attitude in practice. Excited to understand and sell this products to acquire HNIs. The product which is best for client is best for distributor in the long run.

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