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I recommend this product in all equity allocations of my clientsSadashiv Phene, Mumbai

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Wonderful Vijay. I just luv your videos. However, this time I am just surprised that it lasted for about 10 minutes with an important takeaway. We are used to your 30 minute videos. Each one of them is a gem. I also loved your video with Jennifer & Schubert. My god......the way Schubert laughs. It is better than Amjad Khans hearty laugh in the film Sholay. Congrats. You made my day. Thanks.

Kapil Khurana ARN NO :58332 Amritsar , 14 Jul 2022

Absolutely correct that if you sell only BAF to your clients, one day will definitely come when your investor will not require your guidance. These type of solution based products can be used for those new clients those who want a exposure in equity but with less volatility and only for onboarding. Otherwise Use your expertise for your value addition.

Amit Chandak ARN NO :30601 Amravati , 14 Jul 2022

Really value add show vijay sir

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