India's foremost woman MFD completes 2 glorious decades in the professionRoopa Venkatakrishnan, Sapient Wealth, Mumbai

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Sunita Pradip Vandole ARN NO :100268 JALGAON, 08 Feb 2023

Mam very inspiring session !!!

Rajesh Chheda ARN NO :1625 PANJIM, 06 Feb 2023

Well said. Wise advice. Keep evolving.

Dr. Gautam . M. Haldipur ARN NO :ARN-62999 Hubli, 06 Feb 2023

Wonderful video, in fact very inspiring. Was very honoured to meet Roopa and interact with her in my town for a prgogramme she came down very recently for, arranged by I-Pru. Got to learn newer ideas from her. The clarity she has is astounding!. Her communication is what makes the big difference. I completely agree with her ideas may be with marginal deviations. She shared her experiences quite eloquently. Most important she is forthcoming , hand holds her clients through and through besides sharing her ideas with her colleagues selflessly and most of all down to earth. A rare breed indeed. Fortunate to have known her and to have learnt so much from her. I have heard so many colleagues. She is refreshingly different !This interview is very very objective and crystal clear ! Thanks Vijay for putting it up.

Amit Gune ARN NO :8893 Karad, 06 Feb 2023

Its been great journey. Roopa is alway an inspiration for me and great motivator. Best wishes for the journey ahead.

Schubert Mathew Mendes ARN NO :Arn 1739 Mapusa, Goa, 06 Feb 2023

Thank you for the most valuable and priceless insights. Always been a Big Fan of Rupa Maam. What is most inspiring is the Passion to continue for another 30 years. Thank you Rupa Maam for always being there for the MFD Fraternity and for the Mass Investors. Thank you Mr Vijay for being the Great Platform where such rich insights are shared. Cheers

Ash ARN NO :81 New Delhi , 06 Feb 2023

Roopa is as fired up as one met her - 16/17 years ago , fire in the belly visible from a mile ✌️Best wishes mam , love and admire your zeal and resilience !


Wow! Congrats to both Roopa & Vijay for this wonderful video. Very rarely do we come across a MFD (like Roopa Mam) who caters to the Aam Aadmi. Guys who are rich are just not bothered about where they throw their money. However, I repeat, however, it is the middle class Mumbaikars and the lower middle class investors across India who are worked up & worried as to how and where their money is going. They do feel the pinch . The pinch now (after the Budget by Nirmala Mami) is now more painful with Sec.80C becoming a dinosaur shortly. I have taken a cue from you mam and at age 65 I dont care about AUM nor do I worry about the brokerage credited to my a/c. I have clients who invest Rs.500/- per month and I keep sending them screen shots of their portfolio on Whatsapp even today. To hell with HNIs and the super rich. Well said madam. It is our responsibility to see that the lower middle class move up the ladder to the next level and so on. If we MFDs dont care, who will? Great gyan from two South Indians. Thanks again to both of you for your wonderful revelation.

Milan shah ARN NO :23940 Vadodara , 05 Feb 2023

Very nice

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 05 Feb 2023

Takeaways: 1. Be process driven. 2. Always work with a To Do list. 3. Have a succession plan. 4. Spread Financial Literacy.

Prema Balakrishnan ARN NO :INV Mumbai, 05 Feb 2023

Roopa is awesome advisor. I have been investing with Roopa for last 12 years. She walks extra miles for her clients. Her services r par excellence

Dutt Sharma ARN NO :38131 Mumbai, 05 Feb 2023

Congratulations on your 2 dec ades of creating financially independent clients across all segments of common man

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