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63% 3yr CAGR - and it's still a good buyAbhishek Poddar, HDFC MF, Mumbai

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Despite a huge 63% 3 yr CAGR in stock price appreciation,the defense sector is still a good buy on both counts – growth runway andvaluations.

With a 9-10% annual growth in nominal defense spending inIndia, our focus on import substitution and a large global opportunity openingup for Indian defense equipment manufacturers in a changed geo-political environment,growth runway appears strong – this is a decadal growth story.

Despite huge price appreciation over last 3 years, defensestocks are trading at a PEG of 1 – signifying that prices are not running aheadof growth.

The current universe of 21 stocks is expanding, with manycompanies likely to go for listing and existing large players increasinglyfocusing on the defense theme.

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Ashis Kumar Bhattacharjee ARN NO :ARN-58448 Nagpur, 23 May 2023

We hope that, to invest in this sector will be a better opportunity, because Indian Defense are regularly developing and upgrading, day by day.

Madhuri ARN NO :244963 Amravati , 22 May 2023

We r at right time & right place.So as discussed in d interview definitely it ll show Nice Growth. as it explained

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 22 May 2023

Great insights on the defence sector. Entire interview was objective & very well answered.

DEBRAJ SENGUPTA ARN NO :ARN-38509 Kolkata, 21 May 2023

Many of Distribution community especially the MFDs were hesitant due to past experience of much fanfare NFO HDCS Housing Opportunities Fund. Being close ended and terrible performance of the scheme has given both the Investors and Distributors sleepless nights. But being open-ended and one can take a staggered way to accumulate now pricey stocks in Defence sector via MF this proposition might sound interesting to a good number of audiences.

Krishna Kumar done ARN NO :116582 New-Delhi , 21 May 2023

Looks very good for generating wealth in 5-6 yea

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 21 May 2023

Great insights on the defence sector. Entire interview was objective & very well answered.

Dinesh Jain ARN NO :121908 Mumbai , 21 May 2023


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