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From despair to abundance - a wonderful real life case studySujata Kabraji, Scripbox, Mumbai

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When a recently divorced woman from a wealthy family who gota raw financial deal from the divorce met Sujata, she had only 19 months’ worthof home expenses left with her as her total savings.

From schooling her on capital vs income, to ruthlesslyenforcing expense cuts, to encouraging her to use her talents to generateincome and not just goodwill, to working with her parents to give her assetsthat were willed to her and gradually building a sizeable portfolio of over Rs.12crores, Sujata takes us through what it really takes to hand-hold your clientfrom despair to abundance.

Its not just financial acumen that you need as a financialadvisor/expert/coach – its empathy, going beyond your brief and offeringholistic guidance and support – that gets your clients to fulfil their dreams andaspirations, even if they seem impossible at the moment.

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Schubert Mathew Mendes ARN NO :Arn 1739 Mapusa, Goa, 28 May 2023

Very Inspiring. Congratulations to Sujata Maam for not just believing that she could do it but driving that Conviction in her Investor that together they can make it happen. This is true Empowerment. May We as an Industry always be able to Empower Our Investors and the Masses. Cheers

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 26 May 2023

From Asset Poor-Income Poor to Asset Rich-Income Rich, truly a fabulous case study.

Sunil B Kapadia ARN NO :ARN-13665 PUNE, 26 May 2023

Wonderful & inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.

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