Goa's champion MFD crosses 1000cr AUMHari Kamat, Panjim, Goa

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In a non-metro market like Goa, Hari Kamat has scaled a huge milestone by crossing 1000cr in AuM. He serves over 5000 clients with a 6 member operations and service team and remains the sole advisor/guide/coach for his clients.

His son-in-law joined the firm and is now responsible for the Margao operations while his son is being gradually inducted into the Panjim branch.

Keep finding opportunities for engagement, control your redemptions and delegate all service and operations tasks: these are the three mantras Kamat has built his practice around. While most MFDs see every new operational / compliance requirement as a headache, Kamat sees it as another opportunity to engage with his clients.

He says his only work is to talk to clients. No writing, no operations or service follow up – only client engagement. He believes lack of delegation is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that is preventing many more MFDs from scaling high.

Kamat is pained to see the younger crop of MFDs’ lack of enthusiasm in continuous learning. If I can still attend seminars and webinars and learn every day at this age, why can’t the youngsters show that dedication and quest for knowledge, he asks.

Kamat believes youngsters must have patience and conviction in the long term model of the MFD profession. Don’t all professions require you to work for few years on a modest stipend before you can gain sufficient knowledge to command higher income, he asks. Become an MFD, commit to the first3-5 years of learning on a modest income and then see how your income multiplies when you attain sufficient critical mass of AuM – that’s his advice to younger MFDs.

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Whao! Kamat Sir. Great respects to you and to our profession. You are a wonderful genius from North Kanara. You people think just like all the entrepreneurs of Karnataka do. I liked your slogan - I add zeroes to the number of clients and not the AUM. What a statement sir. Truly, the need to learn each day is rapidly diminishing with the GEN-NEXT. Just like you, I all other MFDs love to watch all videos produced by Vijay Venkatram, another genius in the BFSI space. The fact that you started with a stipend of Rs.90/- per month is just amazing. Way all of us born in the 1950s were earning when we jumped into the fray. The GEN-NEXT must be laughing the way we started our lives. Truly inspirational sir. God Bless You & Vijay.

Dominic A M Lewis ARN NO :ARN No:10970 Margao, Goa. , 13 Jun 2023

Great job. An inspiration for all of us MFDs

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 12 Jun 2023

Commendable journey. Sales interaction with clients himself. Client engagement with wishing clients on birthdays himself. Having experienced operation staff. Story telling. Stopped insurance and focused on mutual funds. Working hard. Not worrying about regulatory actions as they are not in our control. Attend training/webinars. Knowledge is very important. Inspiring session. Kamat’s are truly one in a thousand in our fraternity.

Vareesh Naik ARN NO :24324 Mapusa, 12 Jun 2023

Grt sir we are proud of you

Vruushali Vivek Parsekar ARN NO :75479/Vrushali Parsekar Panaji, 12 Jun 2023

Congratulations Hari Sir.You make us proud,you inspire & encourage MFDs like us too,besides your clients. All the Best for 10,000 crores of AUM

Schubert Mathew Mendes ARN NO :Arn 1739 Mapusa, Goa, 12 Jun 2023

Congratulations. Delighted with the crossing of this Milestone by Mr Kamat. Great Insights shared as well. The Goa Flag flies High. May this be the start of many more achievements.

M VENKATARAGHAVAN ARN NO :267207 Chennai, 12 Jun 2023


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