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If you want to sell 5x larger SIPs that last longer, here's your solutionAmar Shah, ICICI Prudential MF, Mumbai

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SIP is now a household name among Indian savers. Time now to take it to the next level – time now to put a purpose behind every SIP – time now for Freedom SIP, says Amar Shah, who believes that every SIP going forward should be a Freedom SIP – a bundled goal based SIP-SWP combo that will fill the void of salary credits hitting your account with unfailing regularity when you cease to earn.

Freedom SIP is attracting large ticket SIPs from 35-40 year olds and the median tenure of 15 years that is being selected is signaling an expected retirement age of 50-55 for this cohort. Not only are these SIPs much larger ticket in size (5x larger than normal SIPs), they are also much stickier through market volatility due to the emotional connect with the purpose behind starting them.

This is a hi-touch proposition as it requires explanation, scenario building and making a plan before a Freedom SIP can be commenced. This is a proposition that feeds directly into today’s 35-40 year old executives’ FIRE (financial independence / retire early) yearnings. This is a proposition where the effort of explaining and planning is handsomely compensated by large ticket SIPs that last for years. This, in other words, is a proposition best suited for MFDs rather than any other distribution channel.

The proposition offers 4 different combo options of source and target funds from the ICICI Pru MF fund range, to cater to diverse investor and advisor needs.

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Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 28 Aug 2023

A solution instead of a product. An idea whose time has come. This is a solution which works and we must promote it. Insurers thrive on such solutions. We need to appeal to the heart & not just the mind. Freedom SIP truly provides a solution.Well said that we need to take some effort to properly explain & convey the idea properly to our investors. Amar Shah means business with a human touch.

Anita Kanbargi ARN NO :ARN 28230 Belagavi, 28 Aug 2023

Introduction of Freedom SIP is commendable.

Amiya ARN NO :ARN-112662 Bengaluru, 28 Aug 2023

Next decade belongs to India.

Rashid ARN NO :ARN-251030 Kanpur, 28 Aug 2023

ok Right

Komal jayendra patel ARN NO :Nj wealth Mumbai , 28 Aug 2023

Wants to raise my aum

Laxmi Choudhary ARN NO :ARN-185913 Nagpur , 28 Aug 2023


Milind khasnis ARN NO :32652 Nagpur, 28 Aug 2023

Freedom SIP is a big gift to the mf industry. Now investors are not hesitating for big ticket sips due to its features.

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