15,000 SIPs from a B-30 city: this MFD is truly a role modelPankaj Ladha, Kota

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Despite operating in Kota – a B-30 city, Pankaj Ladha has built one of the largest SIP books in the country in the MFD segment, with over15,000 SIPs and a book size of over Rs.6.5 crs per month. His AuM of overRs.300 crs grows by over Rs.75 cr each year just through his existing SIP book.

A stock trader and investor with three decades of market experience, he seamlessly guides investors on options trading strategies as well as long term SIPs – and says there are no confusing messages to investors because truth is investors want both!

His annual events draw the who’s-who from Kota, which enhances his ever-increasing leads list for his 15 member sales team to convert. He has over 30,000 leads that his team is working on.

With years of experience in conducting investor education sessions, he says a good conversion ratio is around 5-7% of attendees – and it is well worth the effort to continue these efforts if you are hitting this conversion ratio.

His far-sightedness can be gauged from the fact that he was among the first to embrace social media as a powerful investor education medium over 10 years ago and has created and posted hundreds of topical videos and reels across multiple platforms. His social media engagement has built his brand in and around Kota to compete and win against even wealth managers who come from Jaipur to woo HNIs in Kota.

Another far-sighted move is the breadth of affiliate marketing tie-ups he has in place – all posted on his website – which give his clients the best-in-class on everything they need in investing and personal finance, beyond what he caters to – which remains equity, mutual funds and insurance. His ethos is simple: offer your clients everything they are looking for – either on your own or through tie-ups.

He strongly believes that MFDs should take the effort to counsel their clients on financial matters beyond just mutual funds if they want to build lasting relationships. He shares priceless examples of how he helps clients in inheritance squabbles, how he counsels parents on marriage expenses, how he gives parents a reality check on overseas education and so on –diverse real life challenges where his advice makes a meaningful difference in long term outcomes for his clients – without even getting into the subject of investing.

Kota – the city that trains tomorrow’s ace engineers, has also given the MFD fraternity a great role model in Pankaj Ladha - a future-ready, far-sighted financial guide who truly understands the pulse of his clients and goes that extra mile to make a meaningful difference in their lives – and in the process creates business records from a small city that is an envy for his metro-based peers as well.

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Kartik Shah ARN NO :ARN-141485 Ahmedabad, 03 Nov 2023

One of the greatest interview on Wealthforum tv,Hearties thanks to pankajbhai and wealthforum,We would like to hear from both of you regularly.

Pushpendra sharma ARN NO :Smart investing Jodhpur , 07 Sep 2023

Sir , i regularly attend wealthforum sessions, but this session is really meaningful & pankaj Laddaji absolutely outstanding and very much practical.

Peddyreddy Raji Reddy ARN NO :3082 Crvj Investment Services Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, 05 Sep 2023

Excellent effort by Pankaj Ladha of Kota it is time to follow and learn from him by my self and other IFA faternity, thanks to wealth forum for sharing the role model IFA achievements.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 04 Sep 2023

Some true home truths learned. A grassroots grown practitioner of almost 3.5 decades.

Ghanshyam Kumar ARN NO :145702 Muzaffarpur , 04 Sep 2023

Really vedeo very useful

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