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Sharper risk mgmt focus = wider MFD business moatsRaghav Iyengar, Axis MF, Mumbai

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Axis MFs’ recently conducted India Investor Risk Report has some fascinating insights on Indian investors relatively low understanding of market risk, low awareness of personal risk profilers and low understanding of how to comprehend risk-o-meters.

The fund house’s #SochaSamjhaRisk campaign is an outcome ofthese findings, and aims to enhance investor awareness and understanding on all aspects of product and market risk as well as assessing individual risk appetite. A multi-lingual (8 languages) suite of 4 distinct messages is being widely promoted as part of this campaign. Axis MF is also working with MFDs to rollout co-branded campaigns to their clients.

Raghav urges MFDs to have more in-depth risk oriented conversations with your clients – this will not only help clients build well balanced perspectives on investing, but will also immensely help in building stronger and wider moats for MFDs to ringfence their clients at a time when the industry is bracing itself for a Jio moment driven potential disruption in fund intermediation.

Under the new leadership, Axis MF has increased bench strength in its equity franchise and has embraced a wider set of equity styles across newer products even as quality remains the cornerstone of its stock selection.

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Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 24 Oct 2023

It’s a good campaign and a much needed one as many a conversation with first time investors starts with the possibilities of losing money rather than investing for specific goals.

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