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Young AMC crosses pehla padaav, gears up for growthMayukh Datta, ITI MF, Mumbai

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ITI MF’s flagship equity funds are completing 3 and 4 year track records with performance coming back strongly in 2023 – thus enabling Mayukh and his team to engage meaningfully with large distributors who typically look for track record.

With over 6000 crs in AuM, the fund house has crossed its first important milestone (pehla padaav) and is gearing up to accelerate business momentum in a meritocracy environment which Mayukh says is a welcome change from a decade ago where only size mattered.

Mayukh wants ITI MF to be seen as a trustworthy money manager – which he and the ITI MF team are working to make happen by focusing on consistency – of performance, communication and engagement.

From his extensive experience in engaging with MFDs over the years, Mayukh says the three qualities that are common to the most successful MFDs are (1) stay grounded – remain hands on no matter how much you grow (2)stay hungry for growth and learning, and (3) always keep your client as the center of your universe – be guided only and only by what’s right for your clients.

Mayukh believes that getting investors to embrace systematic investing is a wonderful outcome from years of perseverance. However, we must also get our investors to embrace the notion of topping up when markets correct. That attitude is the only effective counter to panic redemptions during corrections. Stay systematic for the most part, top up during corrections – that’s Mayukh mantra for genuine long term wealth creation.

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Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 15 Jan 2024

Wishing Mayukh Datta & ITI AMC the very best in the years to come.

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