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Eye-opening insights on the fastest growing investor segmentVandana Trivedi, Axis MF, Mumbai

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Axis MF reached out to its women investors in a first-of-its-kind study to understand women investment behaviour. We hope this excellent initiative will become an annual feature at Axis MF.

The survey report presents great insights – some of which bust long held notions and point towards the rapid evolution of the Indian woman into an independent-thinking and committed long term investor.

Its no longer papa or pati – the Indian woman investor is increasingly taking her own investment decisions, after consulting family and friends

Women save and invest more than men and also have higher persistency of investments compared to men.

Women continue to favour traditional investments – a huge opportunity for MFDs to help them understand and appreciate the benefits of market linked investments.

Over half of new women investors have come in through digital platforms – either fintechs or direct. They may have offline consultations with people they trust, but they are happier with online investing.

Women are now prioritizing building wealth and retirement planning far above children’s education – a big eye-opener. As they become increasingly independent earners, they are now setting their sights higher –thinking not just about children but also their own long term future.

Vandana reiterates what India’s leading women MFDs have articulated on WFTV on how MFDs should engage with women investors if they want to win a slice of this rapidly growing investor segment:

-         Stop taking the woman for granted

-         Stop talking down to her – start talking to her

-         Invest the time and effort in helper her gain trust and confidence in you and your solutions – that investment will pay off big time as women are committed long term investors and willing referrers.


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I have a woman client who is a spinster and working in a multinational but in not in top hierarchy. Yet she is a prudent saver and a little nudge over the years helped her accumulate close to a Crore for her Retirement goal. Also, she loves to go on vacation and when asked to start SIP for this specific objective she lapped it up. She is now more than happy that her major worries are sorted.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 07 Jul 2024

Truly a fascinating survey. Important market segment to be looked at. Stop taking women for granted & engage with them. Women are moving to digital investing but we MFDs can speak to them. Retirement planning is the priority for women investors against the general feeling that children education would be the priority. Women would appreciate financial literacy. Women are more resilient investors & more stable.

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