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Champion focused fund turns bullish on consumer discretionary stocksMayur Patel, 360 One Asset Management, Mumbai

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Markets are trading at an 18% premium to long term mean price/book value. While this is expensive, strong macros and bright outlook can justify this premium. Real issue is in the small and midcaps spaces, where several segments have got overstretched on valuations and can face material downside risk.

360 One Focused Equity Fund’s strong top quartile long term performance saw a small speed bump to 2nd quartile in recent months which Mayur attributes to some of his stocks doing well but not keeping pace in the near term with a tearaway bull market in smaller stocks. He remains confident of his stock picks and the strategy that has served his fund very well over the years.

Mayur believes quality consumer discretionary stocks that have underperformed in the last 3 years now look attractive. Between cyclicals and defensives, his portfolio continues to tilt towards cyclicals.

Mayur is holding on to his power and related stocks even after a huge rally as he sees strong growth prospects justifying valuations.

Identifying the likely winners in the EV disruption can create significant alpha – and Mayur has been busy doing just this with his auto and auto ancillaries exposures.

Having participated fully in the capital goods sector rally, Mayur has taken some profits and in some cases exited positions in small cap names completely where he saw valuations running way ahead. He remains positive on the investment cycle, but is watchful on valuations.

He is overweight IT sector as fears of recession in the US recede and large deal flows raise prospects of strong recovery in business growth.

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