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Fund major announces its FFOMahesh Patil, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC, Mumbai

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ABSL AMC has launched an FFO – Focused Funds Offer – a special campaign on 4 fund categories it believes are well poised in the current market context and its 4 offerings in these 4 categories which are well positioned to harness opportunities that the firm believes lie ahead. These 4categories include Balanced Advantage, Multi Asset, MultiCap and Small Cap.

Small caps are coming out of a corrective phase and appear wellset to harness the domestic growth story better than large caps which areconsiderably influenced by global conditions which are currently unstable.Prospects over the next 3 years appear promising for small caps.

ABSL’s small cap fund has posted a smart turnaround since a change of fund managers was effected a year ago. The fund is now well balanced between cyclical and structural growth stories. Key alpha generators in recent months include Triveni Turbine, CCL Products, Rolex Rings, Sundaram Fasteners and Craftsman.

BAFs and MAFs provide strong diversification benefits across asset classes (MAFs more than BAFs) and also tax efficiency which assumes more significance after debt fund taxation rules changed recently. Domestic macroenvironment looks promising for equity and attractive for debt (carry) while global macros have been favouring precious metals recently.

ABSL’s BAF continues its run of top quartile performance track record, now with a strengthened asset allocation framework that has added a couple of market technical parameters. Recent alpha drivers have include ITC,JK Lakshmi Cement, DLF, Coal India and IGL. The firm’s relatively new MAF is off to a promising start, registering a top quartile performance in its initialmonths.

The fund house is tilting its multicap fund a little more towards mid and small caps now, to take advantage of relatively superior growth prospects in these spaces. Mid and small caps are now around 60% of the fund while large caps constitute the balance 40%.

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Ram prakash gupta ARN NO :80859 Samastipur , 02 Jun 2023

good effort in fund performance

PRAVEEN GOYAL ARN NO :111651 Ghaziabad , 02 Jun 2023


Pinkesh padhy ARN NO :103558 Mumbai , 02 Jun 2023


Vijay kumar shukla ARN NO :14066 Lucknow, 02 Jun 2023

Nice presentation.

Sunil s Bhagat ARN NO :9646 Pondicherry, 01 Jun 2023

A struggling fund house somehow trying to recover. ABSL has been very good on the training aspects but fund performances have seriously let them down. Will need more consistency in its performance in the coming quaters.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 31 May 2023

FFO: Sounds like an interesting concept in an universe of NFOs. Definitely welcome.

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