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New sales head brings distributors perspective into leading AMCKamayani Nagar, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC, Mumbai

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Kamayani has taken over as head of retail sales at ABSL AMC after successful stints setting up and scaling up distribution and wealth businesses at leading banks including ICICI Bank and Citibank.

Kamayani is keen to have a participative and inclusive approach, working closely with distribution partners, listening to their inputs while charting out sales strategies and plans. She has met a number of distributors and has a roadmap to meet many more in the months ahead.

A key insight she brings from her rich distribution experience is the understanding that there are multiple business models in distribution – all successful – each of which require their own set of products to craft tailored solutions for clients. Rather than adopting the conventional “product of the month” pitch for all distributors, she is asking her team to understand each distributor’s model and offer products that fit into their own solutions.

ABSL AMC has identified a set of Tier 2 and 3 cities which it calls “emerging markets” –markets where its own business is in relative infancy and where considerable scope exists to scale up rapidly. This will be a key sales focus even as gaining market share from more mature centres remains the main priority.

Women empowerment is a subject close to her heart. She looks forward to working with women distributors in women investor empowerment initiatives that she looks forward to creating and actively contributing to.

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