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India's first AI driven asset allocation solution exclusively for MFDsAshish Ingle, Mulyankan Gurukul, Bhilai

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Since being featured on WFTV in Aug 23 (https://www.wealthforumtv.com/video/think-big/become-an-asset-allocation-champion-at-rs850-per-month-2478), Ashish Ingle’s Mulyankan has now signed up over 500 MFDs (including 10 with AuM> Rs.1000 crs each) from across India as subscribers to its algo-driven dynamic asset allocation solution.

Mulyankan has now launched MARINA – a machine assisted algo driven model which uses a factor based approach to identify the best opportunities based on current market conditions. Subscribers have a choice of using the original model which suggests allocations across debt and equity and within equity, across large, mid and small caps, or they can go for the new factor based approach and consider smart beta funds or actively managed funds that align with the factor in vogue.

Ashish is now introducing what he believes is India’s first AI driven asset allocation solution for financial intermediaries. This brings in a very convenient generative AI front end to the algo driven back end that already exists, thus giving MFDs a whole new level of convenience and ease of navigation.

Using Open AI’s ChatGPT as the platform, Mulyankan has trained the platform extensively using LLM solutions, to offer comprehensive breadth of “intelligent” responses on anything that an MFD wants to know around asset allocation and markets. It also removes all the human navigation through multiple layers of screens and filters with a simple Chat GPT type of question that you can key in, which will give you the end result immediately.

In the works is also voice recognition in multiple Indian languages so that you can use Mulyankan for asset allocation just as you use Alexa as a personal assistant.

The new AI driven solution is due for launch in early July 24.

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Comments Posted
Apurva Deshmukh ARN NO :113537 Pune, 19 Jun 2024

The insights given in Mulyankan Gurukul are very helpful. With MARINA now in place, makes it further easier to take decision on Lumpsum Investment. Looking forward for GPT feature.

Pankaj ARN NO :168636 Uttar Pradesh, 19 Jun 2024

Mulyankan is a great tool in assessing the business cycles and valuation cycles thus helping us in taking informed decisions with regards to category and sub-category selection.

Hitesh Jain ARN NO :FINOMATIC KOLKATA, 19 Jun 2024

Mulyankan is a fabulous platform and we have been immensely benefitted in taking data backed decisions. We hope that the AI tool will revolutionize the MFD practice

Subrat Panda ARN NO :Subrat Panda Bhubaneshwar, 19 Jun 2024

I have subscribed this platform for Global tactical call and sectoral selection. Extraordinary results till now. Platform transparently shows you underlying rationales and algorithm scores behind every decision.

Chtnis Kastubh ARN NO :Chitnis financial mumbai, 19 Jun 2024

I guess this the only tool available in industry which focuses on category selection with the flexibility to choose frequency of re-balancing. We are proud user of this data-science based platform.

Nikhil Jain ARN NO :38563 Nashik, 19 Jun 2024

It is kind of internal research tool for me. Just select a investor profile and frequency of re-balancing based on Valuation and business cycle. It tells me which asset class yo put money , how much , when to exit across Categories and sub-categories.

Rahul Sethia ARN NO :47351 Korba, 19 Jun 2024

System driven when to put lumsum , when to start STP and when to stop STP. Which category to choose , how much to allocate and when to re-balance based on data science and AI is need of the hour.

Prateek ARN NO :25715 Raipur, 19 Jun 2024

One of the early user of Platform. The category and sub-category selection provided by platform at different valuation and business cycle is realy appreciable. Category selection is more important than fund selection.

Ashish Ingle ARN NO :Mobile - 9893695333 Indore, 18 Jun 2024

You can contact at above details

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 18 Jun 2024

Valuation & Business cycle driven. Attractive pricing. Asset allocation adapts to market cycles bull or bear. World’s first GPT for asset allocation Sight of signs to come.

Sanjay kumar Mirani ARN NO :73945 Bhopal, 18 Jun 2024

I am interested in AI driven asset allocation model.Please contact me whenever it will launch.

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