Kolkata MFD creates amazing new client acquisition strategyAbhenav Khettry, Vyana Wealth, Kolkata

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Abhenav is known for his unique and novel client acquisition and engagement strategies. He has now taken this to a whole new level by launching Vyana Sports – an entire new vertical that gets him and his team to engage meaningfully with affluent investor families in Kolkata, and in due course, beyond.

Vyana Sports creates and organizes sporting events for elite clubs, corporates, well connected alumni associations etc at a level that makes these events look and feel professional, complete with branding, livestreaming, ads, sponsors and the works.

Despite attracting sponsorships, Vyana Wealth still had to dip into its own pocket to the tune of Rs.30 lakhs last year to make good the gap between expenses and revenue – a cost Abhenav thinks is well worth it for the mileage his brand is getting, the strong relationships that he and his teamare building with families that participate in these events and the conversion of high quality leads into customers for his MFD practice.

Abhenav says affluent investors and their families are not going to attend IAPs nor will watch educational videos on social media, which many MFDs put a lot of effort in as client acquisition strategies. He finds his target audience keen and willing to engage in sporting events – especially when they are live streamed for their friends and family to watch. Vyana Wealth’s brand messages thus go out far beyond participating families – to include their friends circle as well.

Plans are now afoot for Vyana Sports to extend its reach beyond Kolkata as Abhenav works on building on this initial success to expand the horizons of Vyana Sports and thus Vyana Wealth too.

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killol karia ARN NO :102559 rajkot, 23 Jan 2024

very nice idea... we had been doing the same for Rotary club where we organize similar things i.e auctions, and live streaming extra of matches with sponsorship... but institutionalization of this is something very novel.. great idea

Sujata Kabraji ARN NO :Scripbox MUMBAI, 22 Jan 2024

Well done Abhenav! Unique approach

Lalbihari bhadani ARN NO :79205 BHADANI INVESTMENT Patna, 22 Jan 2024


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