Kolkata MFD’s model may now become a trendsetter, after new AMFI guidelinesSoumyajit Ghosh, Wealthapp Distributors, Kolkata

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After scaling up his single advisor – single city model to500 cr AuM, Soumyajit switched gears to embrace a multi advisor – multi city model by inviting seasoned wealth managers he knew and had worked with in his earlier bank job, to join him in building a best-in-class pan India proposition over time.

Today, with 10 partners across 6 cities and AuM touching1000 crs, Wealthapp is looking at a rapid scale up. Target for 2025 is 2000 crs AuM and similar aggressive growth targets have been set for the rest of the decade.

No monthly targets, no revenue targets, only right selling, always keeping clients’ interests first and entrepreneurial spirit without the operational baggage – these are some of the biggest draw factors that are motivating like minded experienced professionals to ditch their bank jobs and partner with Soumyajit.

Soumyajit offers an initial safety net to incoming partners to ease their transition from employment to entrepreneurship. He often goes out of pocket in the first year or maybe two, before a stable revenue sharing model kicks in.

Wealthapp’s existing operations, research, technology and compliance platforms are offered to all incoming partners, along with access to para-planners and service RMs – thus ensuring that richly experienced wealth managers come in with a sole focus only on  clients.

The new commission transfer guidelines with a 6 month cooling off period should be a huge catalyst for platforms like Wealthapp as it significantly eases the transition of salaried wealth managers into entrepreneurial roles.

Wealthapp is looking to expand in more cities as well as deepen its presence in key metros as it goes about creating a national footprint.

With AuM transfer now far easier, the Wealthapp model may well become a trendsetter in the MFD space as salaried wealth managers seek high quality platforms run by like minded professionals that allow them to build their books without compromising client interests.

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I am interested.

Timish Mullick ARN NO :182947 New Delhi , 21 Mar 2024

Hi like to learn selling techniques. Also like to know about 6 months cooling period. What happen to 6 months commission.

Prasun Majumder ARN NO :280174 Ranaghat, 21 Mar 2024

Like to know the model

Nimai Chandra Bhuin ARN NO :ARN-159621 East Burdwan, 21 Mar 2024

I am interested to talk to you & to know about Wealthapp, mob. no. 8918182780, I stay in Burdwan ( sometimes in Dumdum also), a retired Banker.

Mansoor ARN NO :288370 Kolkata , 20 Mar 2024

Pls call at 8617224027

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