Niche platform offers cutting edge tools to growth focused MFDsAmit Basu, Symphonia, Pune

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Symphonia has come up with innovative engagement tools that help their MFD partners drive home important financial concepts among diverse client bases in a manner that builds and retains recall.

From financial education using a card game for men to housie for women to monopoly for children and a DIY jigsaw puzzle, Amit shares the tools that Symphonia’s partners are leveraging to engage better with prospects and clients.

Symphonia has also introduced an AI driven portfolio optimizer application that significantly enhances its partners ability to guide HNI clients on portfolio decisions. A dynamic deep dive scenario analysis helps its partners and their clients agree on optimal rebalancing decisions that ensure effective diversification and closer alignment to goals.

The new portfolio optimizer can serve as a very useful client acquisition tool in the HNI space due to its ability to clearly demonstrate to prospects the kind of MFD alpha that Symphonia’s partners can offer in portfolio decisions.

Symphonia has 12 partners with an AuM of over 3200 crs. Amit says they are very selective in who they want to partner with. Strong growth orientation is what they look for in any potential partner since it is only a quest for growth that opens the mind to new ideas and better ways to serve and grow – which is essentially what Symphonia provides to its partners.

Amit is looking to expand to 40-50 partners across the country – each of whom will be a partner in a true sense since they also become stakeholders in the platform.

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Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 12 Apr 2024

Very useful session. Amazing client engagements. Very interesting tools. Quite clear that lot of hard work has been done in designing & creating them.

SATISH SINGH ARN NO :187466 JAUNPUR , 07 Apr 2024

AUM GRO kaise kare

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