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US : Trade War - Fear or Opportunity !

Date : 03-03-2018
Name: Vishal Rastogi ARN NO :87541
Firm Name : Avi Investment & Consultancy City : Patna

The recent announcement by US President opens new platform of War i.e. "The Trade War". Now this is going to put huge impact all over the world , a new price competition, a new margin competition in the companies, a new worry of sustaining in the business etc.....
This may paralyse the economy of many Countries , So in brief what we should take as preventive measures is that increase some metal (Gold) stocks in our + investors portfolio because very soon we can see some drastic change in world may be leading to some great revolution & instability all through & only yellow metal will be a good support.
It will be very difficult to manage Equity only portfolio very soon.

Its high time to re-structure the portfolio & must have some physical support in any adverse condition falling out.

Invest but carefully !


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