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Value of Good Advice: 4.95%

Vijay Venkatram, Managing Director, Wealth Forum

5th July 2017

I am very happy to share with you a first-of-its-kind initiative in our industry: the Wealth Forum MF Advisor Alpha Report 2017.

  1. It is perhaps the first study in our industry that actually quantifies the value that YOU - the MF intermediary - adds in the financial life of an average Indian saver. That number is 4.95% p.a.

  2. It is the first report in India that showcases to policymakers how YOU - the MF intermediary - can help the average Indian saver enhance his/her returns by upto 80% - if you are allowed to simply do your job, if the tribe of intermediaries is encouraged to grow, and if the quality bar for financial intermediation is raised

  3. It is the first report that enables you to have a clear and precise answer as to why your clients should think again before switching to direct: 1% vs. 4.67%

  4. It is also, in all fairness, the first report that also holds a mirror in front of YOU to enable you to ask yourself - am I doing all that I am supposed to do, to add value to my clients?

I will urge you to take the time to read this report and reflect on its findings. If you think this report delivers the right messages, I have a request to make: we need the support of every stakeholder within the industry to reach out to all the opinion makers, influencers and key stakeholders who you may know, and share this report and its key messages with them.

We have some clear messages in this report - but they become really effective and impactful only when we collectively transmit these messages to all concerned. Your support in this is vital - and I am counting on it.

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