Professional Certifications

Professional certifications are a must for today’s advisors. Some are compulsory while others are voluntary. In keeping with Wealth Academy’s philosophy of providing you knowledge that gets you ahead in your profession, we are pleased to offer you our Quick ‘n’ Easy Guides series that will help you prepare for these professional certification examinations – in a quick and easy manner.

Many advisors find studying a 250 – 300 page workbook for a professional examination quite a daunting task – either due to time constraints or the tedium of going through pages and pages of study material. Here’s a much quicker way of figuring out exactly how much you know already and learning what you probably don’t know yet. Each Quick ‘n’ Easy Guide comprises an exhaustive question bank for each chapter of the prescribed workbooks. Go to each chapter, select your answers and check your results. The guide will tell you which answers you’ve got right and the correct answers to questions you got wrong. In just a few minutes, you can master one chapter and move on to the next – without really poring through the entire workbook. Its as Quick ‘n’ Easy as that !

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