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KSR's 2 success mantras for all MFDs: ChartGPT and CAGRK S Rao, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC, Bangalore

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Over the last 10 years, Nipun – ABSL AMC’s distributor development platform – under K S Rao’s leadership - has completed a staggering 4100+sessions across 270+ cities for over 3 lakh attendees (over 70,000 unique distributors). Its outstanding effort has been richly recognised nationally as well as internationally.

KS Rao traces to journey from its first path breaking program “Big 15 ideas for B-15 markets” to its “Mastering the Mind” program and its hugely popular CFGP certification program. These early programs gave impetus to team Nipun to develop a comprehensive suite of programs across 4verticals: domain expertise, business development, certification and motivation.

Rao takes us through key modules in each vertical including new programs in each one which aim to keep distributors contemporary and prepare them for the future.

Two recent programs that all MFDs should take up have been created and smartly named by KS Rao in his usual inimitable style – they are Chart GPT and CAGR.

ChartGPT is a program which enables MFDs to take a closer look at the own business models and fine tune their model to align with the changing environment. It encourages you to chart your GPT: Growth, Profitability and Transformation.

CAGR is a program that enables MFDs to sharpen their customer proposition, build deeper moats and be ready for any disruptions in fund intermediation that may come from a Jio moment or otherwise. It encourages MFDs to shed their all-consuming focus on returns (CAGR) and adopt a new CAGR:

Client centric attitude, Asset allocation strategy, Goal planning approach, Risk focus.

A combination of ChartGPT and CAGR should enable all MFDs to be truly future ready.

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Comments Posted

You ned a Financial Independence, you need an Independent Financial Advisor. What a Narrator! Rao Sahebs Jugglery of Words always a feast to listen to and a magic to work with.

Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :Khemanis Mumbai , 22 Oct 2023

A true friend of MFDs in India. A lot of the success of the then IFAs and MFDs now is due to people like him and the leadership at ABSL MF

BALIREDDI APPARAO ARN NO :ARN-7123 Visakhapatnam, 22 Oct 2023

Shri K S RAO Garu doing many educational sessions for MFD’s. Thanks to Shri K S RAO Garu and ABSL MUTUAL FUND.

Mohsin Bijepuri ARN NO :33913 Chennai , 20 Oct 2023

Whatever hat Rao Saab dons he excels. Primary reason is his connect with the MFDs. It is there that he feels the pulse, gathers and implements the needs of the MFD community. The No. of modules introduced speaks volumes about Financial Literacy under him & Birla AMC.

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