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Distributors want mid-sized fund houses to succeedBusiness Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Younger AMCs need to be pragmatic as there are others who have a head start. so positioning is critical and stick to your position and deliver.

  • Keep it simple, avoid conflict in all channels, stick to B2B, clear sales and distribution strategy, band positioning and delivery in line with the positioning leads to success for mid-size houses.

  • Chart your own journey and play to your strengths. Know what you can't do. More simple you make your business, more you succeed.

  • Consistency of both -- performance and sales and marketing -- is key. Marketing can drive some business but at the end of day, it is all about a good product.

  • Market focus has shifted from brand to good products. Not chasing market share is what increases market share. Growth is an outcome. Stick to your core and people watch you.

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Comments Posted
subhash sharma ARN NO :84670 manali, 12 Feb 2018

Moti lal Oswal not a mid sized AMC.They are treat as no 1 AMC.I contected twice with them but they told we close empannelment for new distributers.Then how u say they r small sized AMC.

Pihas Parikh ARN NO :Sagar Investments Ahmedabad, 30 Jan 2018

Great initiative, Vijay. I like the new digital format. It connects directly. Keep doing these kind of closed discussions on the relative subjects of distributor fraternity. There are thousands of subjects. We cant read everything in this cynical world but we can surely watch short clips like this. Make it even little shorter, if possible. This will create great reference library for lacs of new distributors too. Thanks for sharing.

MOHSIN BIJEPURI ARN NO :33913 Chennai, 29 Jan 2018

Well planned discussion. I patronise all the 3 AMCs and their schemes are doing extremely well. They have very innovative ideas and I am able to directly reach out to the CEOs themselves or the concerned heads. What more do we want.

Mahender Pal rastogi ARN NO :10947 Delhi, 29 Jan 2018

I do like it

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