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Selling past performance in hybrids is very misleadingBusiness Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Rear view investing is wrong approach for investors and is a fundamental message that distributors should pass on to clients. We need to be truthful and give outlook from this year on.

  • We need to manage expectations for new clients who have not seen a down cycle as well as more sophisticated clients. Education and communication is key.

  • Liquidity is important for clients close to retirement so that they can maintain lifestyle. So balanced fund is good product as it fulfills that need.

  • Distributors need to better explain balanced funds so that clients know to expect some volatility in comparison to fixed deposits. Dividend is seen more as income to fund their monthly cash flows and so need to be explained.

  • 2017 was a phenomenal year both in India and globally but selling on past performance is very misleading.

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