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Robo vs MFD vs RIA - 3 expert viewsBusiness Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • Given the size and growth of this market, there is room for all form of intermediation channel. Advisors should focus on core competency and client base they want to cater to.

  • India is a price sensitive market and the readiness of the Indian investor to pay a fee still does not add up. So MFD will continue to dominate.

  • For new entrants, RIA may be attractive as a disruption model. Robo advisory has not gained strong traction even globally. Indians like to consult even to buy a car; so robo will continue to be niche.

  • Regardless of model, we need to add value to investor; Otherwise, they will go to someone else or they will exit the market.

  • Global trends from technology and new client categories may change distributor models further in the future.

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Comments Posted
Chandrasekaran M.K ARN NO :106014 Chennai, 18 May 2018

Very informative and encouraging article for MFD like me. Surely, individual attention is necessary in Financial Planning and Maintenance.

Ajay Kumar Jain ARN NO :91802 Jabalpur, 17 May 2018

True to the fact is all models described will coexist. IFA channel will always be priority to new entrant investors for atleast 10 to 20 years. Only thing we IFAs can do is keep on adding new investors and keep them satisfied by using best technology

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