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How to build equity conviction in new investorsSales Heads Round Table,

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Key Take-Aways
  • It cannot be ruled out that when other asset classes like real estate start doing better, some money will flow out. Only way to counter panicking investors during volatility is asset allocation.

  • Need to move towards solutions based selling instead of product based selling. Then the clients are convicted on the solution rather than the market and are able to stay long term.

  • IFAs need to hand hold new clients, especially those from fixed deposit background, during the first 3 years and have periodic reviews. Many are only investing with a short term 1-2 year experimental view.

  • Equity should be sold as a long term (over 3 years) horizon but we are struggling to do that. Mutual fund industry has to educate and communicate on volatility, market movements in easy to understand stories.

  • Talk about equity as an asset class and move away from product-centric conversations as there is not much difference between funds. Instead, talk about differences between real estate and equity for exampl

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usha sharma ARN NO :79286 dehradun, 02 Apr 2018

sir. mutual fund sahi hai, lakin ifa sahi nahi hai, till this massage will circulate , it cant give big benefit to mf industry, as you know advertisement are coming that ifa erode your money, which is not good for trust building , as you know difference in TER of direct and regular fund is about 1% and when you show difference in return of both category it reflect 2 to 2.5% how it is possible and all amc has saved themselves disclosing their salary in web site but what they pay out to ifa will disclose in cas, please re think that when we will dont show trust on their partner , how could other will believe on us.

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